To understand your available resource is key in successful project planning and opens the path to achieve positive investors decision.

OWC combines first hand research knowledge in the field of wind measurements with practical experience from a large number of commercial project assignments.

With current changes in market environment and classical measurement technics becoming more and more expensive, Floating Lidar technology becomes a true alternative providing cost-cutting and more flexible wind measurements to the project. Having provided technical and consultancy services to several Floating Lidar deployments in commercial projects, OWC is a leading technical advisory in the field of Floating Lidar technology and measurements.

OWC offers a wide range of services in the field of wind measurements:

  • Development or review of state-of-the-art wind resource measurement strategy
  • Design or review of wind resource measurement campaigns
  • Project Management for wind measurement campaigns
  • Support within wind measurement campaigns, comprising e.g. data processing, evaluation of measured data, assessment and correction of mast effects and other phenomena
  • General advice on Floating Lidar deployments, comprising e.g. technology expertise, IEA and CT Recommended Practise advice
  • Tender support for Floating Lidar based resource measurements
  • Performance verifications of Floating Lidar systems against OWA Roadmap KPIs