Energy Storage For Renewables

Energy storage is a key emerging technology in our transition to a lower carbon world. Today the competitiveness of renewable energy has it either the lowest cost option or increasingly being able to compete with all other forms of energy generation. The next stage of the energy transition is the ability to combine clean generation with its intermittent sources with grid scale storage solutions.

Whether providing frequency response, reserve capacity, black-start capability and other grid services, to storing power in electric vehicles, upgrading mini-grids and supporting “self-consumption” of rooftop solar power; in the long-term batteries could support very high levels of variable renewable electricity, by storing surplus energy and releasing it later, when the sun is not shining or the wind not blowing strongly enough.

OWC can support you in developing, designing or financing storage projects or technology.

Battery Storage

Lithium Ion battery prices are falling much faster than anyone expected. This price reduction is likely to continue and make batteries viable to play a broader role in energy markets.

OWC can support you with your project, applying DNVGL-RP-0043. Our services include:

  • Feasibility studies e.g. to:
    • Assess technical viability of battery storage solution
    • Determine economics of battery electrical energy storage solutions
  • Optioneering of battery energy storage solutions
  • Procurement tender process, and contract negotiations
  • Project management services for your combined offshore wind and battery energy storage project or your standalone battery storage project

Flow cell batteries still offer favourable economics compared to Lithium Ion batteries, especially for larger scale energy storage systems.

Hydrogen Storage

Electric energy can be stored via electrolysis of Water, storing Hydrogen. Even though the round-trip efficiency with 30-40% is relatively low at the moment, development of more efficient technologies could increase it to up to 50%. With our parent company Aqualis we can offer innovative hydrogen energy storage solutions. We can also offer consulting of combining your offshore wind farm with electrolysis hydrogen storage of third party providers.

Pumped-Storage Hydroelectricity

Pumped-storage hydroelectricity (PSH) can offer large energy storage capacity at competitive costs and is currently the most common type of energy storage. We can offer consulting on combining your offshore wind farm with pumped-hydro energy storage solutions as:

  • Conventional pumped hydroelectric storage
  • Seawater pumped hydroelectric storage
  • Innovative sub-surface offshore pumped hydroelectric storage or energy island solutions

OWC offer the following services to support your project or technology development: