OWC offers specialist technical due diligence supporting the financing, acquisition, sale and refinancing of assets, technology and companies within the offshore renewables market.

With our assistance, owners and financial institutions can obtain an objective expert view on the actual project performance or asset value, as an important input to the decision-making process related to loans, consolidation or acquisitions.

With a combination of offshore wind engineers and consultants that have been in charge of engineering and project management from the first concepts to the operational phase; and mariners that have been in charge of vessels, rig moves, and major marine operations, OWC is extremely well placed to perform solid, independent technical due diligence.

Our services include:

  • Pre and post contract reviews
  • Assessment of project schedule feasibility
  • CAPEX and/or OPEX budget evaluation
  • Evaluation of operating and maintenance costs
  • Review of logistic concepts for construction and operation
  • Review of geophysical and technical -studies
  • Review of Energy yield Assessment (EPA) including check of applied uncertainties and technical loss factors
  • Technology assessment
  • Monitoring; construction and operational