WTG Engineering

The wind turbine generator (WTG) is the critical component of a wind farm, where wind resource is converted into electricity via aerodynamic force. As wind farms push new boundaries, becoming bigger and more powerful, and moving to new and harsher environments, a WTG’s performance and long-term operability become increasingly susceptible and at risk to the motions and loads around it.

OWC’s multidisciplinary team provides a range of technical studies and consultancy packages to support our clients in making informed decisions regarding WTG design and operations. Our goal is to help you minimise risk to a WTG, optimise its performance and minimise additional cost throughout all critical project phases.

There are four main types of WTG which can be considered for the various wind turbine systems, those are:

  • Direct Current (DC) Generators
  • Alternating Current (AC) Synchronous Generators
  • AC Asynchronous Generators, and
  • Switched Reluctance Generators.

OWC’s team has significant experience in advisory and engineering of all WTG types, with expertise in wind turbine design and certification, as well as WTG management throughout the asset’s lifecycle, providing a wide range of technical services to support from early concept and feasibility to development and engineering, construction and future operations.

Where we work

  • Specification of future wind turbine properties to support wind farm concept design, including dimensions, masses, power and thrust curves
  • Wind turbine reviews as part of technical due diligence activities to support project transactions
  • Wind turbine supply contract review, including warranties and O&M agreements
  • Applied research on wind turbine innovations, including O&M methods and support structure design

Market challenges

Motions and impact from increasingly harsh environmental conditions.

Foundation design.

Installation & maintenance complexity and costs.

Turbine size and weight.

New challenges in floating wind.

Supply chain and manufacturing availability and cost.

Supporting WTG performance and cost-effectiveness throughout its lifecycle

Concept & Feasibility

During wind farm concept design, turbine dimensions, power curves and other critical properties are estimated for future turbines for input to the project definition and consents applications.

Development & Engineering

During the FEED stage, our specialist Integrated Loads Analysis (ILA) service provides design load inputs to the support structure design process. Either generic or OEM-provided numerical models of the wind turbine can be used. At later design stages, the same ILA service is used to check the suitability of the selected wind turbine to the wind farm site.

OWC’s French branch and marine renewable energies specialists, Innosea, are leading technical authorities in the provision of integrated loads analysis (ILA) and resulting WTG and foundation design, as well as in software and computation solutions.

Transportation & Installation (T&I) to Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

OWC’s sister company, Delta Wind Partners – a specialist brand in WTG solutions, also provides leading expertise in WTG engineering and management solutions throughout T&I and O&M phases, enhancing an asset’s through-life productivity and minimising risk to an asset.

WTG Technical Due Diligence

In support of project transactions, OWC provides technical due diligence services to assess any risks associated with the selected turbine (pre-construction) or the track record of the operational machines (post-construction). For projects in operation, OWC assesses the remaining fatigue life of wind turbine components and support structures and advises on life-extension options. To support clients through failure investigations, we provide root cause analysis and expert witness services.

The value we bring

Expansive multi-disciplinary team of WTG experts.

Through-life approach and solutions.

Leading authority and combined approach in Integrated Loads Analysis (ILA) and associated WTG & foundation design.

Combined practical with theoretical expertise.

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OWC draws on a vase range of engineering expertise to provide you with specialist engineering and analysis across every stage of a renewable project’s lifecycle.
Substation on calm sea

Electrical Engineering

As experts in offshore wind, we provide engineering and consulting services throughout the offshore wind project lifecycle. However, our primary focus areas lie within the development and pre-construction phase. 
WTG Engineering

WTG Engineering

INNOSEA is a leading global specialist in wind turbine generator (WTG) engineering, emcompassing integrated loads analysis and foundation design for both fixed and floating offshore wind turbines. Our integrated service solution unlocks a turbine and foundation’s complex load interactions, driving greater design certainty in developing a WTG that meets your project specifications.
Fixed & Floating Foundation Engineering & Design

Fixed & Floating Foundation Engineering & Design

We provide structural analysis and design of bottom-fixed and floating wind turbine generator (WTG) foundations, substations, foundation load simulations, coupled load assessments, installation assessment, weather downtime analysis, and mooring and anchor analysis.  
Structural Engineering, Design & Analysis

Structural Engineering, Design & Analysis

In developing and validating a marine renewable energy design concept, an early understanding of an asset’s structural integrity and survivability is crucial to defining future CAPEX and OPEX costs and determining that asset’s feasibility.
Ocean Engineering

Ocean Engineering

Via OWC’s French specialist engineering and marine renewable energy branch, Innosea, OWC is able to provide a wide range of complex ocean engineering services to drive optimised results at any project stage for any time of marine environment.  
OWC presents The Ian Bonnon Award Winner 2023: George Marling

OWC presents The Ian Bonnon Award Winner 2023: George Marling

Nov 13, 20233 min read
The Ian Bonnon Award Winner for 2023 has been awarded to George Marling, Senior Geotechnical Engineer based in New York.