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Geoscience is a critical element in understanding the risk, suitability, and long-term feasibility of any ground engineering project, whether offshore and onshore. For wind energy, we understand the vital importance of multi-disciplinary geo-consulting from early concept, planning and permitting, right through to construction, to support evaluation of CAPEX and future OPEX costs, as well as levelized cost of energy once in operation. 

We understand that the large-scale commercial expansion of wind energy depends on market competitive pricing, and therefore, our geoscientists often get involved in projects even at an embryonic stage to support investors, developers, even government institutions, in understanding the ground risk and challenges in each location, as well as identifying whether future plans meet the designated environmental requirements per country.  

OWC offers independent consultancy in all aspects of terrain, subsurface and soil geoscience, centred in the practical application of geology, geophysics, geomorphology, geotechnics and geographic information systems (GIS).   

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OWC and East Point Geo: One Geoscience Team

OWC’s dedicated geoconsulting team also combines long-term market knowledge specific to onshore and offshore wind energy, with the specialist expertise from independent geo-consultancy – East Point Geo – which joined OWC in 2020 and has integrated into one team to provide clients across the renewable energy and environmental space with the very best turn-key solutions.

We deliver results by:   

  • Initial concept studies
  • System design and optimisation
  • Cost assessment and optimisation
  • Power system simulations
  • Cable rating analysis
  • Array cable layout design
  • Cable design
  • Transmission system design
  • Electrical calculations

We provide leading expertise in offshore geophysical and geotechnical site investigations, live interpretation of site investigation data to inform ground model updates and immediate design assessments, foundation design and installation analysis, geohazard analysis including cable route risk analysis, planning and site-specific assessments for jack-up locations including leg penetration analyses, and geospatial analysis for a diverse range of applications. OWC combines this expertise with many in-house innovative tools that have reduced DEVEX & CAPEX costs on projects. 

Where we work

Ground Models

We integrate and interpret geo-data to understand ground conditions for engineering projects.

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Client Reps

Our team of experts act as client representatives to offer an independent view of survey requirements, oversight and execution.

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Geohazard Risk Assessment

We assess and quantify geo-risks, bringing together expert judgment and analytical modelling to ensure the safe delivery of your engineering project.

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Geospatial Analysis

We apply statistical and analytical models to quantify the interaction of infrastructure with the ground. We build geographical information systems for data management and spatial analysis

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Geotechnical Engineering

We support across the development cycle of a project with offshore site investigations, geotechnical design, foundations design and installation analysis, cable route analysis and planning and leg penetration analyses.

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ABL Group geo-consulting

OWC works closely with the wider ABL Group brand family to provide turnkey solutions in geoscience, supporting a wide range of clients throughout a project or asset’s lifecycle from concept to construction to operations and finally decommissioning.

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The value we bring

Dedicated geoconsulting team.

Deep market knowledge specific to onshore and offshore wind.

Turnkey approach to determining geophysical and geotechnical conditions of a site.

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OWC presents The Ian Bonnon Award Winner 2023: George Marling

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