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Offshore Wind Market in the State of Oregon: Opportunities & Risks for Developers

OWC Regional Market Studies Series | 2024

By Craig Brown, Head of Market Studies, OWC

In the 2nd of OWC’s regional market study series for 2024, our team explores the opportunity to developers from the US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM)’s designation of the final two wind energy areas off the coast of Oregon, as well as delving into challenges to be aware of.

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US H2: What are the Federal Programs Incentives?

OWC Regional Market Studies Series | 2024

By Yifong Sung, OWC Consultant, and Claudia Maletti, OWC Market Analyst

In the 1st of OWC’s regional market study series for 2024, our team explores the impact of existing federal programs for the development of the US hydrogen market, incentives on the horizon, and typical challenges to overcome.

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Universal Modelling and Analysis of Grid-Scale Electrolysers Frequency Response in Wind-Dominated Power Systems

Technical Report

By OWC and Dpt. of Electrical Engineering, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, 2023

Integrating hydrogen technologies such as electrolysers could provide frequency support to renewable energy-dominated power systems which also ensuring the production of green hydrogen.

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Wave & Floating Wind Energy

Generic Study Final Report

By OWC’s Kate Johannesen for Wave Energy Scotland, 2023

At present, wave energy technology cannot effectively compete in the UK electricity market with offshore wind and other renewable technologies. This study explores the potential benefits and commercial feasibility in the synergy or integration of wave energy and floating wind technology.

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Export Systems for Offshore Wind Farms

The potential of HVDC technology on the Polish Baltic Sea

By OWC’s Bartosz Hunek and Piotr Jedrzejewski, 2023

The importance of offshore wind will grow in the coming years, with this technology likely becoming an important part of the future energy mix. From many aspects of offshore wind developments, power evacuation seems to be a critical function that allows generated power to be transferred from the wind farm to the external grid for further distribution. High voltage direct current (HVDC) solutions gain interest for many different reasons. This paper addresses a number of topics related to the subject, with a special focus on the HVDC technology being a potential solution for Polish offshore sites.

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Cable Protection Systems and Submarine Cable Failures

Typical causes and remedies

By OWC’s Riccardo Felici and Daniele Caruso, 2022

According to 4Coffshore, around 4,600 subsea cables have now been laid and are serving offshore wind farms globally. Of the 4,600 around 10 incidents are declared annually, resulting in an average cable downtime of 100 days. In the past seven years, 90 subsea cable failures occurred totalling over EUR 350 million in insurance claims.

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