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When developing an offshore wind farm, floating solar PV site, or any renewable energy project, it is vital to mitigate risks from day one. In doing so, you need to be fully appraised of all risks – market, economic, technical, marine, etc. – associated with a project.  

As Owner’s Engineer, we represent clients throughout the development and/or operational phases of their projects to ensure their delivery within the specifications, business plan, financial requirements and design brief as set out by the client.  

Combining global experience with expertise, we have a full appreciation of the complete risk profile in a renewable energy project from feasibility to operations. We, therefore, bring value to our clients’ bottom lines by acting on their behalf throughout a process to ensure mitigative measures are put in place where relevant, thereby reducing the risk of delay or unforeseen costs.    

Alan Smith

Alan Smith

Director of Major Projects

Case Study

Market challenges

Project delays.

Increasingly competitive global market context.

Pressure on in-demand supply chain, including marine infrastructure.

Relevant skillset shortage.

Our Solutions

OWC is a highly experienced and trusted owner’s engineer with a solid track record across fixed and floating offshore wind projects in markets across the world. Our experience covers projects in the UK, Germany, Poland, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, USA and Canada.  

Innosea – OWC’s French branch – is also a trusted owner’s engineer for floating solar PV projects globally.  

Our typical approach covers:  

  • Specification of project requirements  
  • Evaluation and understanding of the specific site conditions  
  • Technology evaluation  
  • Prefeed and FEED processes 
  • Risk management  
  • Contract strategy  

Our services can cover specific work packages in the development of a project, such as the subsea architecture, cables and transmission of a floating solar PV plant, or they could be provided as a complete package to support clients along every step of the way to their project success.  

Throughout the process, we are also able to support across:  

  • Wind turbine selection  
  • Consents and environmental management  
  • Detailed design review and interface management  
  • Assurance strategy, including project certification  
  • Electrical, grid and transmission 
  • Installation concept reviews 
  • Construction monitoring, including site representation, progress monitoring, factory inspections, and verification of works quality control and tests on completion  
  • Contract administration and commercial management  
  • CAPEX & OPEX assessments and reviews  
  • Health and safety management  
  • Shipping and factory inspections  
  • Site inspections for mobilisation through to commissioning, testing and takeover 
  • Defects and punch-listing 
  • Warranty, operations and maintenance support  
  • Preparation of contingency plans (repair, maintenance and contracting strategies) 

For developers stretched and/or without adequate in-house resources available or new to the sector, we can provide the specialist guidance required during the development and construction phases through to commissioning and generation.  

We cover the entire process and can either monitor or consult on a project on your behalf or supplement your own team by being fully involved in all aspects of the project.  

The value we bring

Pooling practical experience with multi-disciplined engineering and marine expertise.

Ensuring compliance with standards, contractual terms and design specifications throughout the project development.

Provision of expert client representatives and secondments.

Driving timely delivery with reduction in costs.

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