Meet the Team: Daniel Dolan, Modelling & Data Consultant

At OWC, our teams are constantly expanding, into more locations, in expertise and in sectors of influence, so that our people can truly drive safety and sustainability across our energy and oceans.

Our people are at the heart of what we do, and we invite you to get to know our team members so you can meet the energy behind change. This week, we speak to Daniel Dolan working as OWC’s Modelling and Data Consultant in the wind and site team.

Position: Modelling & Data Consultant, wind and site

Office: London

Hobbies: Playing the cello and Going for a run

What does your day-to-day look like at OWC?

“I typically work on wind resource and energy yield assessments for proposed wind farms as part of OWC’s Wind & Site team. Wind farm stakeholders use such assessments to gauge a wind farm’s performance and profitability.

Firstly, my team and I analyse the local wind climate to evaluate the wind resource at the project site, we then model the wind farm to assess the energy yield of the proposed development, considering the wind climate, type of wind turbine and energy losses such as wakes from upwind turbines. I also work on programming and tool development for the Wind & Site team and the wider OWC company.”

What inspired you to join the industry?

I started at OWC as a summer intern in 2020 while studying mathematical physics. I was keen to work in renewable energy and enjoyed the combination of technical, physics-based work and direct commercial relevance. I feel inspired to be a part of an industry which is a key driver of the energy transition in many countries worldwide.

Can you tell us about something exciting you are working on right now?

I am currently engaged in a bank-grade energy yield assessment that involves analysing some very interesting climate characteristics. This highly detailed study is crucial for financing purposes. I am enjoying the deep-dive technical work and providing key decision-makers with critical information for the project. Additionally, I recently developed a comprehensive cost modelling toolkit for offshore wind farms and collaborated with the client to integrate it into their cost engineering processes.

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Daniel Dolan will be joining the OWC team at this year’s RenewableUK Global Offshore Wind 2024. Find out more about OWC’s delegation and how to book a meeting with Daniel to discuss your wind and site needs: