OWC is able to provide structural engineering support through all stages of an offshore wind farm project. The services we can provide include:

Structural analysis and design for offshore WTGs and Offshore Substations, both fixed and floating

  • Foundation design and design review, for e.g. Monopiles, Jackets, Tripods, Gravity Bases, Floating Foundations
  • Derive preliminary turbine loads
  • Hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis
  • Independent assessment of foundations and support structures of wind turbines
  • Fully-coupled analyses for extreme wind and wave conditions
  • Grouted connection and lift point design
  • Finite element modelling
  • Selection of geotechnical parameters
  • Structural integrity assessments

For all phases of the design process/project:

  • Optioneering
  • FEED studies
  • Optimisation to reduce LCoE and increase profitability
  • Detailed design

We have designed monopiles, jacket piles, gravity bases, mat foundations, ground anchors and suction caissons. We use the latest standards, industry research and best practice to ensure that our designs are safe, efficient, reliable and satisfy latest code and certification requirements.

Other areas of engineering that we offer:

Mooring line and cable analysis

  • Engineering for prelay and hook-up of mooring systems and the installation of subsea cables
  • Mooring analysis and mooring review e.g. for semi-submersibles floaters
  • Submarine cable design review
  • Structural integrity management of mooring systems such as wires, chains and fiber ropes.

Site specific assessment (SSA) e.g. for Jack-up vessels

  • Jack-up leg structural analysis and foundation assessment
  • Seismic design

Offshore & marine engineering

  • Engineering of mooring and offloading systems, hull structural design and naval architecture, marine and utility systems, accommodation, structural offshore design engineering and installation and hook-up.
  • Conversion, modification and repair engineering of e.g. semi-submersible and ship-shaped vessels.
  • Design of jack-ups and liftboats. Turnkey service such as front-end engineering (FEED) and basic design of liftboats and wind turbine installation vessels (WTI).
  • Advanced engineering such as spectral and time domain fatigue, fire assessment, boat impact, coupled motions.
  • Structural integrity assessments as corrosion management, fatigue assessment, fracture mechanics, ultimate strength analyses.