Risks, the effects of uncertainty on your project have a negative connotation, as they are often only seen to potentially harm your project objectives. However, in a modern risk approach, we also pay attention to the positive side of risks, the project’s opportunities that are beneficial to your project – make it faster, better and more profitable. With our risk approach the negative side can be effectively mitigated and the project’s potential can be maximised.

The key to Risk Management is being able to:

  • Identify, evaluate and quantify risks,
  • Provide realistic cost and schedule estimates – thus enabling well informed decision-making.

We apply proven and state of the art risk management tools and techniques such as Monte-Carlo Simulation, combined with solid experience of our team we can add significant value to your project. Either as a member of your risk management team or taking the lead on this role.

OWC provides risk management support through all stages of an offshore wind farm project; we can offer:

  • Peer Review
  • Risk Management
  • Capex contingency calculation
  • Weather downtime simulation
  • Installation programme review & optimisation
  • Construction Readiness Review