About OWC

OWC, an AqualisBraemar company and headquartered in London, UK, is a specialised and globally focused technical advisor, engineering and project management consultancy providing independent services to the offshore wind industry. We have an unrivalled reputation for providing high quality, innovative and reliable solutions, drawing on extensive technical knowledge and practical experience which goes back into the late 1990s in offshore renewables.

Since 2011 we have delivered assignments amounting to 58 GW of experience across Europe, Asia and the US, this includes some of the most innovative and largest fixed and floating offshore wind projects. Visit our Experience page to explore further.

Being part of the AqualisBraemar Group allows us to utilise their deep expertise in offshore and marine engineering to deliver solutions for our renewables clients.

We support developers, investors and lenders in developing and realising their offshore renewables technologies, projects and investments.

Offshore Wind Consultants