Floating Offshore Wind Engineering Consultants

Offshore wind is forecast to experience a 6-fold increase in installed capacity between 2017 and 2030 growing from 17.6 GW to 115 GW. With its reducing costs and ability to generate at scale in close proximity to major centers of population and industry on the world’s coast-lines, it is now not a niche technology but a mainstream supplier of low-carbon electricity.

A combination of drivers such as excellent wind resources in deeper water and countries with continental shelves that drop suddenly so don’t have the opportunity for bottom fixed substructures have seen floating wind develop at pace.

Floating Offshore Wind has taken the new pioneer role in large scale renewable technologies with first demonstration projects around the world. Alongside a list of advantages, which are associated with floating wind technology, new challenges need to be overcome and understanding of the technical implications is from paramount importance.

OWC combines its offshore wind expertise with its sister company Aqualis Offshore’s vast floating structure experience acquired in the offshore oil & gas sector and has a team that can realise your floating technology or project. Bringing real project experience derived from being involved in some of the world’s earliest and biggest floating projects dating back to 2009 we offer the following services: