OWC is able to provide project management service support through all stages of an offshore wind farm project. Our reputation is based on early involvement in projects:

  • from the planning, design and engineering
  • and then seeing our role expand to a project management service provider through the construction and installation

Our team of highly qualified and experienced experts can either

  • undertake a leading role and manage a project directly on behalf of an owner,
  • or more commonly, work as part of an integrated team with our client, managing specific packages of work and providing support and advice to all other areas of the project.

Our impressive previous testaments in this area are demonstrated by the fact that the key staff of OWC are associated with the most successful offshore wind farm projects which have been built and commissioned to date. The OWC team have been involved in over 11 realised projects.

OWC offer the following services:

  • Package Management (WTG, Inter Array Cable, Foundation, Export Cable, Onshore Grid Access, Construction, Site Investigation (soil, wave, wind), Certification, Design)
  • Technical contract negotiations
  • Technical specification – ITT management & support
  • Contracting strategy consulting
  • Technical contract review
  • Interface management
  • Risk management
  • Weather downtime simulation
  • Marine Warranty Survey consulting