Sunjung Kim

Sunjung Kim

Country Manager, South Korea


Mechanical Engineer


South Korea


Sunjung is the Country Manager for OWC Korea, having over 12 years of experience in energy and power-related business, including technologies development as well as marketing & business development. She started her industrial career in onshore and offshore WTG development. She worked as Lead Project Engineering Manager in the development of 7MW offshore WTG, 8MW upgrade and was involved in prototype installation and testing. She has given technical support to sales and successfully transferred the turbine – renamed as Levenmouth 7MW to ORE Catapult with relevant infrastructures.

Sunjung has worked as a lead coordinator for multinational and multidisciplinary engineering cooperation. She has worked as a head of department for most of her experiences. She also has experience in marketing and sales, as well as the design and development of large-size WTIVs and detachable WTIV concept. In R&D activities, she participated in R&D of onboard CCS, Liquified CO2 carrier, and Liquified Hydrogen carrier. She is a Ph.D. in Mechanical and Structural Engineering (US).