Riccardo Felici

Riccardo Felici

Director of APAC


Naval Architect, Project Manager




Riccardo is a certified Project Manager Professional (PMP) and Naval Architect with extensive experience in renewable energy sector with a focus on offshore installation. He has experience in numerous projects across APAC both onshore and offshore providing strategical and technical advice for developers, investors and governments alike. He regularly provides advice on projects across their lifecycles from early project development and market entry as well as projects under construction and operational.

He is a naval architect from background with specific experience in designing and analyzing a range of operations, fixed and floating offshore structures especially related to renewable energy generation and power interconnection. He has specific experience in cable protection systems (CPS) and submarine cable installations for international power interconnectors and large offshore wind farms.

Riccardo regularly provides technical support to the group with regards to designing and installation of RE projects as well as providing technical due diligence. He is currently the Director for APAC and previously served as country manager for Vietnam where he has an in depth market understanding.