Daniele Caruso

Daniele Caruso

Head of Cables / Country Manager, Italy


Subsea, Cable & Pipeline Engineer


Submarine Cables Transportation, Installation, Burial, and Protection. Cable Package Management from concept stage to FEED.




Daniele is a certified project management professional (PMP) and submarine cable T&I expert with 18 years of experience in the Marine and Offshore industries leading project teams, with an extensive track of record in marine operations and offshore cable route planning, installation, burial, and protection as well as management of offshore installation campaigns on board CLV’s. Daniele has worked as Offshore Installation Manager in several HVDC large interconnector projects, across Europe and the North Sea. Daniele’s wealth of knowledge includes involvement in a broad spectrum of offshore cable related studies including export cable route assessment, cable burial and protection studies, and Cable T&I assessment as part of offshore wind projects worldwide. Daniele has also extensive experience as Cable Package Manager for bottom fixed floating offshore wind farms worldwide.