Offshore Wind Consultants to address wind farm forum

6 September 2016 – Offshore Wind Consultants Limited (OWC) joins Statoil, Société Générale and Green Giraffe as speakers at the Project Finance Forum for Offshore Wind Farms 8-9 September in Frankfurt, Germany.

Speaking on day two of the conference, Michael Hotze, engineering director at OWC, will talk about risk allocation and contingency calculation for offshore wind farm developments.

The offshore wind industry is still seeing many examples of both good and bad risk management. In his presentation, Michael Hotze will give relevant examples of both, explain how different practices can result in completely varying outcomes in terms of risk profile and contingency calculation, and describe how good risk management practice should be used to size contingency reserves.

Michael Hotze is Engineering Director of OWC with a lead role in the project management and technical evaluation of Offshore Wind Farm design and construction. He has been involved in many projects from the initial feasibility stages through procurement, design, certification, construction, and then hand over to the operations and maintenance teams. 

Offshore Wind Consultants is a globally focused consultancy providing independent services to the offshore renewables industry. The company is part of Oslo-listed energy consultancy group, Aqualis ASA.