Vietnamese PV battery storage project for ABL

ABL Group onshore renewables’ consultant team has completed a feasibility study for the development of a battery energy storage system (BESS) co-located with solar PV projects in Vietnam. 

BESS is a group of technologies focused on storing electrical energy in chemical form and releasing energy as required. The client – VN Green Holding Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Vietnamese asset manager Dragon Capital Group – seeks to explore the feasibility to install behind-the-meter BESS at up to three projects to mitigate the effects of curtailment. This is currently prevalent in Vietnam due to network congestion as a result of the country’s successful implementation of a feed-in-tariff mechanism and the large number of renewables projects now online. 

“Solar power makes up a rapidly increasing percentage of Vietnam’s overall energy mix, having grown from virtually no PV generation in 2018 to more than 5GW. With such a rapid growth trajectory, BESS will be a critical technology to recover lost generation, whilst maximising the efficiency of these critical infrastructure projects. This will also potentially provide more sophisticated services to the local grid.”

Richard Abrams, ABL’s Group’s director of onshore renewables.

The technology, when integrated into renewable energy plants such as solar, can stabilise the high variability of a renewable asset (‘ramp rate control’) or time-shift energy from the day to the evening demand peak. It can also support with balancing supply and demand on the network, defer network upgrades to allow for a higher utilisation of the existing grid infrastructure, or potentially offer frequency, voltage control or other ‘ancillary’ services.   

ABL’s scope of work included a detailed analysis of PV production data to assess curtailment, followed by detailed modelling and optimisation of various BESS solutions. Modelling was carried out on a lowest levelised cost basis to assess the commercial feasibility of adding BESS to PV and the optimal specification of any solution. 

“We are pleased to support Dragon Capital in the development and optimisation of BESS for its PV projects in Vietnam. We believe this model will be transferrable to similar projects moving forward, helping owners and operators get the most out of their renewables assets,” adds Richard Abrams. 

Richard Abrams was recently appointed as Director of ABL Group’s onshore renewables unit, servicing projects in onshore wind, solar PV and battery storage. 

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