OWC presents a webinar on the potential of HVDC technology on the Polish Baltic Sea

On 22 March, our experts from OWC will present a webinar on the offshore wind market in Poland, with discussion on the opportunities and potential presented by the rise of HVDC technology.

The webinar prefaces the upcoming publication of our titular whitepaper: Export systems for offshore wind farms: The potential of HVDC technology on the Polish Baltic Sea. Attendees to the webinar will receive early-bird access to the whitepaper and its insights, ahead of its general release in April.

During the webinar, Senior consultant electrical engineer Bartosz Hunek, along with consultant electrical engineer Piotr Jędrzejewski, will give details on what technologies are available, cost analyses and other implications to consider, as well as assessing the pros and cons of HVDC versus more traditional HVAC systems.

Poland is an up-and-coming market for offshore wind, with targets of 3.8 GW capacity to be installed by 2030 and 10 GW by 2040. The Polish government is in the early stages of hosting a second round of offshore wind site leasing under the Offshore Wind Act. Of the 11 sites in total up for development, two so far have been resolved and awarded to PGE, while one site has been left unresolved due to a lack of qualified bidders – a disappointing result. The remaining 8 sites will be awarded on a rolling basis going forward.

Developers who were awarded sites face many decisions, as next steps include applying for grid connection and are required to demonstrate the following

  • Grid connection feasibility
  • Type of export system (HVDC vs HVAC)
  • Transmission system design

Our experts will talk through these challenges in the webinar and will offer insights into the pros and cons of each export system, as well as offering their recommendations as to which could prove most suitable for Polish offshore wind development specifically (although it’s important to remember that studies should be considered on a case-by-case basis and no single solution will be applicable to every site equally).

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