OWC conducts LPA Workshop in Taipei

Between the 26th and 28th October this year, OWC conducted a 3-day Leg Penetration Assassment (LPA) workshop with SOIC (Ship and Oceans Industrial Centre) Society in Taipei. The objective of the workshop was to provide the knowledge and tools for SOIC to now perform their own LPAs.

The workshop allowed OWC’s specialist teams in geotechnical engineering, from Taiwan and the UK to guide SOIC from start to finish in conducting LPAs in Sands, Clays and multi-layered soil profiles. We have also worked with SOIC to successfully develop their own in-house tools.

The workshop covered:

  • WTG / Location grouping
  • Geo data requirements, acquisition and management
  • LPA calculation methods (ISO and SNAME)
  • Interactive case studies involving various types of jack-up rigs and interpretation of numerous borehole logs
  • Foundation stability

Having conducted almost 2000 LPAs across the globe with 250+ different jack ups, OWC was well-placed to deliver this interactive workshop and we hope that SOIC enjoyed it as much as we did!    

This follows previous workshops, which OWC has carried out for SOIC in Taipei, with the support of our sister company, Longitude Engineering, relating to offshore piling and offshore site experience.