Meet OWC Geoscience: Chung-Yu Chang

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Meet Chung-Yu Chang | Geotechnical Engineer, OWC Taiwan

What does your day-to-day look like at OWC?

As a geotechnical engineer, basically I am surrounded by geotechnical data all the time, such as borehole logs, CPT readings, lab testing etc. I spend more time on soil/rock analysis every day than on anything else.

What inspired you to join your industry?

My entry into the industry was the result of a chance occurrence. Nevertheless, the more involved I become, the more enthusiasm I feel. Working in the renewable energy sector, especially offshore wind is gratifying to me. Knowing that my small contribution might help advance the energy transition and make the world better is what drives me forward. 

Can you tell us about something exciting you are working on right now?

Though it is not ongoing, not too long ago I served as a client representative on a survey vessel, which was definitely an exciting experience worth mentioning. Having worked in an office environment for several years, it was quite a change of pace and a great learning opportunity to go out to sea and witness the field operation.

What does the future look like in energy and oceans?

Without any doubt, green energy prevalence is what everyone is aiming for across the world. Here in Taiwan, the government has set a goal to achieve at least 60% renewable energy by 2050, a plan in which offshore wind plays a vital role. OWC work with developers and other companies in the sector to achieve that goal. We are committed to speeding up decarbonization and achieving net-zero.

Find our more about Chung-Yu’s geotechnical work in supporting Taiwanese offshore wind development, at this year’s Energy Taiwan, 18-20 October, pod I, UK Pavilion. Get in contact via the button below to book a meeting in advance: