Borkum West II – Phase 1, GERMANY

OWC was called in originally as ‘trouble shooter’ on the project as it had suffered from grid delays, fabrication delays, new WTG supplier with inexperienced staff. OWC renegotiated the vessels contracts to save the project (€0.5m/day), led and resolved all problems with BSH (German standards body) as well as finding engineering solutions for difficult grouting issues and led pioneering approach on noise reduction during piling – bubble curtains.

OWC fulfilled key roles on the project – Project Director, Project Manager and Engineering Manager, WTG Package Manager, Project HSE consultant, Geotech Engineer. OWC personnel delivered project management of the installation via our PM and management of the WTG package was key on this project.

OWC also resulted in holding a major role on keeping Lenders and Shareholders engaged and ‘happy’, stakeholder and lender liaison.

From being called in to ‘trouble shoot’, OWC ended up providing full project management from financial close to end of construction. Project management during construction and cable installation and termination package management, Offshore foundation installation supervision (as well as turbine and substation)

Borkum West II – Phase 2, GERMANY

OWC was the only major consultant re-engaged by the Client at start of Phase 2 in recognition of excellent work we had undertaken on Phase 1.

OWC is the project’s Risk Manager. We integrate risk management into the day to day activities to insure timely and efficient risk management in support of the project objectives and effective risk based decision making and to facilitate the Project Financing (Capex and contingency estimation) input into the employer’s requirements. Providing CAPEX input and contract management support Working with the project’s financial advisers to take the project through FID

Gode Wind 1&2, GERMANY

OWC delivered detailed analysis of leg penetrations and risk at 97 jacking locations

Engineering advisory for cable route design including Thermal Capacity Checks on Cables and Soil assessment conditions (CPT).

Nordsee Ost, GERMANY

OWC were asked to conduct a Peer Review of the Nordsee Ost offshore wind farm, tasked with a mid-project review to inform the internal financial re-sanctioning of the project. OWC was selected by RWEI because of our strong performance on the Gwynt y Môr peer review.

Wikinger, GERMANY

Assessment of early age cycling impacts on grouted connections on the jacket foundations and piles and HSE consultancy services for the Wikinger OWF project.

Confidential Project, GERMANY

Technical due diligence.

Borssele 1&2, NETHERLANDS

Client representation on Hornsea SI campaign and provision of offshore geotechnical survey site representatives to oversee the offshore geotechnical SI campaign.

Confidential Project, NETHERLANDS

Technical and commercial support for the client during their EPCI bidding process incorporating the foundations and cables. Advising on the employers requirements, bidding processes and supplier selection and risk management during the Client’s bidding process.

Horns Rev 3, DENMARK

Development of Leg Penetration Analysis, geotechnical support during the initial stages of the project with regards to the jacking feasibility, and site geotechnical conditions. Provision of site investigation support; including offshore supervision and geotechnical interpretation / analysis.

Fecamp, FRANCE

Desk study detailing risk for jack ups at the wind farm site, with attention to preloading in chalk.