OWC at Wind Europe Bilbao, Spain | 20 – 22 March

Meet OWC at this year’s Wind Europe conference, hosted in Bilbao, Spain, 20th to 22nd March.

Our multi-disciplined team will be in attendance to discuss OWC’s presence in the Spanish market, and our wide range of consultancy, technical advisory and engineering solutions to deliver on Spain’s floating wind and onshore wind targets.

Who will be on stand:

Ana Pirrone

OWC Spain Country Manager | Snr. Geotechnical Engineer

Oliver Davies

Oliver Davies

Head of Onshore Wind, OWC

Anna Guell

Hydrogen Snr. Process Engineer

René Aagaard

OWC Denmark Country Manager | Delta Wind Partners Director

Rune Nørgaard

OWC Denmark Dpt. Country Manager | Delta Wind Partners Dpt. Director

What we will be discussing:

Who is speaking:

Anna Guell, OWC’s Hydrogen Snr. Process Engineer, will be presenting as part of the conference’s official programme, on the following topic:

Cost-optimised configuration of a dedicated wind farm – hydrogen production plant

Friday 22nd March, 14:00 – 15:00

Room: Luxua 2