Ecotricity UK Onshore Wind and Solar

Project title: Ecotricity UK Onshore Wind and Solar  

Project location: UK

Client: Ecotricity Group Limited

Project Summary:

Ecotricity’s portfolio consists of 26 projects, including onshore wind and solar PV assets​. Project lifetimes range from four years to 25 years. The client required independent technical review of its operation assets to determine optimum energy yield, potential operational losses and suggested improvements. OWC, and the wider ABL Group, was engaged to perform energy yield assessments across the portfolio, identifying problem points and providing recommendations for maintenance strategy.  

Our scope of work

  • Operational energy yield analysis of all assets, identifying major downtime issues and reforecasting of energy yields for future valuation​. 
  • Recommendations for future operations and maintenance and preventative maintenance approaches to increase future energy yield estimates. 

Start date: March 2022 


BESS acts to support the grid by balancing green energy supply with variable demand, providing complex services to maintain overall system stability and security in what are currently unprecedented times. 

  • Complicated for developers to securing planning permission and near-term connections to the electricity grid network – highly regulated 
  • BESS operators are required to obtain independent technical certification of systems. 
  • Costs are increasing in line with inflation, interest rates and supply chain delays 


  • Energy Yield Assessments 
    • Data extraction, processing and review 
    • Performance monitoring and review for each asset
    • Operational loss calculation and review
  • Quarterly operational monitoring
    • Performance and operational data reporting 
    • Maintenance scheduling agreements 
    • Operational costs monitoring 


  • Updated future forecast energy yield expectations for each of the assets within the Portfolio 
  • Delivered more than 150 GW of renewables projects across the globe 
  • Team with a strong understanding of the Ecotricity New Generation portfolio from previous experience 
  • Deep technical knowledge and experience with regard to wind, solar and storage projects 
  • Global presence with 65 offices in 39 countries 
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Market Studies

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