We are on the cusp of a third energy transition and is it now changing now at a pace faster than at any time in our lifetime. Renewables will soon replace coal and eventually oil. Like all periods of momentous technology change or disruption industries and markets will be transformed. There will be significant consequences for countries, power and energy companies, supply chains, investors and insurers who fail to prepare now.

Data, analysis and insightful opinion is key to you making the right decisions.

Questions such as:

“how can we enter the renewables successfully?”; or

“which emerging market should I invest in?”; or

“is this a technology we should invest in?”; or

“how will the market change my business”,

all need answered with rigor, focus, accuracy and clarity.

OWC help clients analyse and identify opportunities and gain real benefit from evidence-based insights, while focusing firmly on their outcomes.

OWC offers all forms of market specific consultancy support for your business or organization. Some of our services include: