Taiwan job for Offshore Wind Consultants

5 December 2016 – Offshore Wind Consultants Limited (OWC) has been appointed by a Taiwanese renewables company to provide consultancy services related to wind turbine installation vessels and their suitability for different wind turbines and site locations offshore Taiwan.

This contract is OWC’s first assignment in the Taiwanese offshore wind sector. The contract value is undisclosed.

Under the contract, OWC will provide technical due diligence services to assess vessel suitability for wind turbine installation in the Taiwan Strait.

“Offshore Wind is growing rapidly in Taiwan and elsewhere in Asia and these markets are now a target for OWC. The installation challenges and therefore the lessons are similar to those in Europe and we bring considerable experience from this market, which is why we were chosen for this assignment,” says Ian Bonnon, managing director of OWC.

Taiwan is aiming for 600MW offshore wind capacity by 2020, and 3GW by 2030. It aims to create a new green era and become a nuclear-free homeland. Taiwan has committed to and started the development of a number of offshore wind projects, and has a considerable amount of zones for leasing/development.

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