OWC reaches 1,000 leg penetration assessments

Offshore Wind Consultants Ltd (OWC) and its sister company AqualisBraemar has completed its 1,000th leg penetration assessment, which is conducted prior to deployment of jack-ups and wind turbine installation lift barges that are utilised at offshore wind farms.

Jack-up rigs at dusk

“The significance of 1,000 LPAs is more than just a number, it is something wind farm developers can benefit from in many ways. Based on the corresponding installation record data, OWC has developed an extensive database and in-depth knowledge on leg penetration predictions at different sites with challenging ground conditions. This allows us to repeatedly optimise LPA services to provide high-quality prediction and to mitigate relevant risks effectively,”

Zheming Li, principal consultant at OWC

Leg penetration assessment (LPA) is an analytical study of the soil conditions to predict the anticipated leg penetrations and potential risks to jack-ups during their offshore deployment, mainly based on the ground conditions on site. The LPA is a tool for owners of jack-up wind turbine installation barges and field operators to work out their installation plan. It is also an important part of site-specific assessment to understand the structural integrity and capability for jack-up barges installed at specific sites.

LPA services are provided to the clients in both offshore renewables and offshore oil and gas industries, covering jack-up deployment for new offshore structures , and for maintenance and operation services for existing offshore structures, including offshore WTGs, substations, met masts, oil and gas platforms and others.

“A wrong leg penetration analysis could have serious consequences, such as structural failures, instability or even leg damages to the jack-up unit. Worst case it could also lead to serious personnel injuries or even fatalities,”

Zheming Li

From a commercial perspective, a wrong leg penetration analysis could have detrimental impact on project schedule due to delayed jack-up deployment as a result of unexpected installation difficulties. 

“We are proud to have successfully reached the milestone of 1000 LPAs without incident; helping reduce risk to personnel, jack-ups and offshore wind infrastructure year-on-year,”

Zheming Li

OWC is an internationally recognised independent engineering consultancy focused on the development and realisation of offshore renewables technology and projects.