The growth of clean energy as part of the third energy transition continues to accelerate; a downward spiral on costs, increasing demand driven by the opportunity to build sustainable, clean and local electricity generation local to demand. The opportunity for investment or finance is throughout the value chain.

Whether it is for technology research, technology development, manufacturing scale up or roll out of new infrastructure assets this finance continuum requires sources of finance, investment or funding.

Renewable energy investment is now central to this growth and transition, it requires significant ongoing investment for companies going for growth, for renewable energy assets, refinancing and more.

However, successful transactions are not guaranteed, and technical / commercial risk needs careful consideration.

OWC can advise on projects and technology around the world. We have offices in Europe and sister offices in Asia, the US, Central and South America. With hands on experience of developing, constructing and realizing offshore wind projects we can provide real world advice regardless of the stage of the technology or project.

At OWC we can support your transaction needs with the following services: