OWC experts continuously work with other experts on developing knowledge within their fields. Please see some of the papers below where they were authored or part authored by an OWC expert.

Export Systems for Offshore Wind Farms: The Potential of HVDC Technology on the Polish Baltic Sea
– Bartosz Hunek and Piotr Jedrzejewski (2023)
Ground Conditions of the Polish Baltic Sea
– Ana Pirrone (2020)
A New Approach for Cost-Effective Site Investigations for Offshore Wind Farms
– A Adamopoulos, W Cleverly, L Costa (2017)
Laboratory Test Predictions of the Cyclic Axial Resistance of a Pile Driven in North Sea Soils
– M Rattley, L Costa , R Jardine, W Cleverly (2017)
Integration of Geophysical, Geological and Geotechnical Data for Offshore Wind Farms – East Anglia One OWF, Southern North Sea, A Case History
– J Reynolds, L Catt, G Salaün, P Knight, W Cleverly, L Costa (2017)
Innovative uses of thermal imaging in civil engineering
– Thusyanthan, Blower, Cleverly (2016)
Guidance Notes For The Planning And Execution Of Geophysical And Geotechnical Ground Investigations For Offshore Renewable Energy Developments
May 2014
Development of Pile Design Methodology for an Offshore Wind Farm in the North Sea
– Merritt, Jardine, Cleverly, Cathie, Stuyts (2012)